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Posted on May 18, 2009 in Armchair Reading

July 2009 Play It!

By Armchair General

Great Warriors: Civil War Cavalrymen

Test your cavalry skirmish tactics in the computer wargames Campaign Chickamauga and Campaign Gettysburg (HPS Simulations and John Tiller). Boardgamers can engage an opponent in C.S.A. America’s Civil War boardgame (Fiery Dragon Productions), or "The Devil’s To Pay" expansion module to Summer Storm (Clash of Arms). Two out-of-print boardgames on the subject include Rebel Sabers (TSR) and Forrest at Bay (Strategy & Tactics magazine #119).

Hard Choices: Choosing Normandy

The Mighty Endeavor boardgame (Multiman Publishing) allows players to chose their own landing site along the coast of France for the D-Day Invasion.


Combat! Utah Beach
Ready to storm the beaches? On the computer, fire up the "1939-46 WW2 Global Conflict" campaign expansion to Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg (Battlefront) or Close Combat: Invasion: Normandy (Matrix Games), while June ’44 (DDH Games) and ASLComp First Wave at Omaha (CriticalHit) have the boardgame side of beach warfare covered—and there’s always the out-of-print classic The Longest Day (Avalon Hill).

You Command: Pegasus Bridge

Re-enact your own battles for this infamous bridge with the boardgames Advanced Squad Leader Pegasus Bridge (MMP), Memoir ’44 "Pegasus Bridge" scenario (Days of Wonder), or add British paratroopers into the mix with Mark H. Walker’s Lock ‘n Load: Swift and Bold (Lock ‘n Load), a Band of Heroes expansion pack.



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