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Posted on May 18, 2009 in Armchair Reading

July 2009 Mailbag

By Armchair General

Just got my newest issue of ACG [May 2009], by the way, and as always it looks great!
Thank you for the work you do.
Thanks again,
Paul Mann III
ACG Web Forums
Thanks for your continuing support of Armchair General magazine, particularly your regular posts on the ACG web forums.

Soldiers of C Company, 1st Battalion, 185th Armor California Army National Guard. Courtesy, 1st Battalion, 185th Armor, California Army National GuardWe, the soldiers of C Co. 1st Bn, 185th Armor, would like to express our gratefulness for the bounty of [Operation Gratitude] care packages you have bestowed upon us. With the dedication, time, and effort that you put forth into making these packages, we appreciate the kindness and thankfulness that went into each package and the overall love you put forth. There are no words to explain how grateful we are to have such supporters. It is a good feeling to know that we are not here in Iraq in vain but here to make the world a better place. With the backing of our country’s supporters, we can accomplish anything. With all of our hearts we thank you and may God bless you.
Signed by members of C Co.
1st Bn, 185th Armor
California Army National Guard
ACG is extremely proud to support the efforts of Operation Gratitude ( and thanks all of its many volunteers – which include our publisher, Eric Weider. A copy of Armchair General is included in each care package. We thank the members of C Company for their service and sacrifice, and have forwarded their thank you letter to Operation Gratitude headquarters.

1940. Finnish ski troops take cover in the snow as they wait for advancing Soviet troops. National ArchivesI remember this war [1939-40 Winter War, see Combat! March 2009]. Prior to the conflict, and to reinforce the [Finnish] government’s pacifism, they quit producing artillery and more was the pity. I also recollect Stalin admitting to one million casualties, including 200,000-250,000 deaths whilst being friendly to us during World War II.
Dr. Rodney B. Hurl
Marysville, Ohio
Although Red Army casualties estimates in the Winter War vary widely, it seems likely that for every Finnish soldier killed in this four-month war, as many as ten Soviet soldiers may have died. An accurate accounting of Red Army losses – if that is even possible – awaits more research in the Soviet-era archives.

Could you please make Armchair General a monthly, 2 months is too long a wait!
Dr. John W. Graves MD
Your plea is a common one – and we take it as a high compliment to our efforts to publish the best military history magazine of its genre. Now, if I could only figure out a way to clone myself and the ACG staff, we might start talking about ACG going monthly!


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  1. Dear Armchair: Excellent read!

    July 2009.Peagus Bridge June 6, 1944. Acting as Maj John Howard , I would land all the 181 me east of the Orne river bridge.I would leave 5 men here, armed with their sten guns & enfield rifles, plus one each of the bren guns, mortars & anti tank weapons. I would take the rest of the men to the Caen canal bridge & take the bridge. the I would split the men & weapons evenly & hold the bridges.

    Best Regards


  2. Ralph Peters was right on the money with his comments about the lack of quality history education in college classrooms. Some years ago I took a history class at the local university. There was a lot of emphasis on the Great Depression, the McCarthy hearings, Vietnam, and Watergate. World War II and the subsequent re-construction of Europe via the Marshall Plan were ignored. The consensus in the class about our Cold War adversaries, the Soviets? “they’re no worse than us. That wall around Berlin is just there to keep spies out.” And when I mentioned the 1947-48 Soviet blockade of Berlin, and subsequent Airlift, nobody in that classroom had the slightest idea what I was talking about. It’s sad that nothing has changed since then.

  3. Looking for the speech General Alfred Gray gave to his Marines about moral, during the first gulf war. Went something like” I hear there is a moral problem, well there is no problem because I said there is no problem.” It was much more than that. That’s all I can remember. It was broadcasted on one of the network news shows. Anyone who might know would be a great help. Semper Fi

  4. Dear ACG

    I would like to know if you plan on doing anymore arctiles on the Blue Division. Also I would like to know if you could do a article Franco, and on the Spanish civil war. Also what are some good books on these three subjects, for I am really intersed in them. Other then that keep up the good work.


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