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Posted on May 6, 2005 in Admin

Jerry Morelock

Editorial Staff

Colonel (retired) Jerry D. Morelock, PhD

Title: Editor in Chief
Hobbies: Collecting militaria; Reading history and literature
Favorite Movies: Paths of Glory, Casablanca, Fargo and Bad Santa
Background: Jerry Morelock graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point in 1969, spending a total of 36 years in uniform. A decorated combat veteran of the Vietnam War, Colonel Morelock’s Army assignments included numerous command and staff positions in field artillery units in the US, Germany and Korea, and two tours in the Pentagon. His last Pentagon tour was in the Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff where, as Chief of Russia Branch, he coordinated US policy in Washington, D.C. regarding Russia and the 15 republics of the former Soviet Union.

Colonel Morelock’s final active duty tour was as the Director of the Combat Studies Institute–the history department of the Army’s Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, KS–a premier position within the Army’s military history community. He not only served as the department head of this outstanding group of two-dozen, world-class military historians, Colonel Morelock regularly taught military history graduate-level courses, served as a member of the Secretary of the Army’s Military History Advisory Board and was the Editor-in-Chief of the Army Staff College’s CGSC Press.


Following retirement from active duty, Dr. Morelock was the Executive Director of the Winston Churchill Memorial & Library at Westminster College in Fulton, MO for four years. This is the site of Churchill’s world-famous "Iron Curtain" speech in 1946, marking the beginning of the Cold War.  Dr. Morelock received his PhD from the University of Kansas and is a prize-winning military historian whose numerous publications include the books, Generals of the Ardennes: American Leadership in the Battle of the Bulge and Great Land Battles From the Civil War to the Gulf War.  Dr. Morelock lives in Fulton, Missouri with his wife, the Russian artist, Inessa Kazaryan Morelock.

Battery commander Morelock near Danang Jan 1972


  1. Jerry,

    My U.S. History class is reading your May 2013 Hard Choices about President Lincoln. We will discuss tomorrow.

    Is there anything you would want my students to know about your article?

  2. Mr. Morelock,

    My students have a couple of questions after a great discussions (and this was on the day before spring break!)

    1. What were President Lincoln’s compromise choices that he couldn’t have done?

    2. What would you have done differently that could have keep our country out of war?

    3. Why do you think that slavery would have ended?

    4. Would he have voted for Lincoln?

    thank you!

  3. Good Morning Sir, I was assigned to 3rd bn 82 Field Artillery from April 1972 to July 1972.I was never on a base in Da-Nang I was one of your best radar men stationed on Hill 327, after the 3rd / 82 left Vietnam l was then assigned to MACV FRAC team 1, Target Acquisition surveillance radar.

    I am emailing you because I know nothing of the men of my unit with the 3/82 artillery. Can you please provide me with any information that you may be able recall or have records of. If you were my Commander during the time frame described above, then you will recall that in early June 1972, An officer, I think a major or Colonel went to my radar site on Hill 327 and we located enemy movement in a specific area. That officer called in a mission and we almost killed American infantry men from the 196th. I was brought fourth from the Hill to explain events of that night in front of many officers. I just want to know if you may recall that event. I found movement during heavy monsoon rains by listening for it. I almost killed our guys. If it had not been raining, I would have. Were you my commander.

  4. Dear Jerry, my name is Adrian R. Lewis. I am a professor that the University of Kansas. I am planning a conference to honor Prof. Ted Wilson, who is retiring this year after 48 years of service to KU. I would like for you to participate if possible. Please contact me. Thanks, Adrian

  5. Jerry, how are you doing? Need any Russian articles? I am an old war gamer. Jacek Lubecki of Central Slavic Confernce asked how you are doing. I thought I’d write to ask. I hope it is well.

    Jake Kipp