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Posted on Nov 21, 2006 in Armchair Reading

January 2007 Play It!

Armchair General

L2 Design Group’s Bitter Woods

Battlefield Leader: Darkest Hour: Gen. Omar Bradley’s Battle of the Bulge

For those craving a monster game, try Wacht Am Rhein by Decision Games. There’s also America Triumphant by Avalanche Press, Bitter Woods by L2 Design Group, and Ardennes ’44 by GMT. On the PC side there is Bulge ’44 by HPS and The Ardennes Offensive by SSG.

What Next General? Bradley at Falaise, 1944

Battles in Normandy from Matrix Games will take you from D-Day to the Falaise Pocket as will HPS’s Normandy ’44. On paper you can try New England Simulations’ The Killing Ground.


Interactive Combat Story: At the Sharp End, Part Three: Cave Assault on Peleliu

You can relive the fight for Peleliu using HPS’ The Proud and the Few, Squad Battles scenarios “Surprise at Peleliu” and “Another Bloody Ridge.”

You Command: Goose Green 1982

You can fight in the Falklands using The Falklands War 1982 by ProSim Co (Shrapnel Games) or "2d Para in Darwin (Goose Green)" scenario for WinSPMBT by Shrapnel Games.