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Posted on Sep 15, 2007 in Books and Movies, Front Page Features

In Country: The Vietnam War on DVD

By Armchair General


America’s most divisive war prompted the production of a mixed bag of films. We list our picks for the best and the worst of the lot.


The following DVDs can be purchased online or in stores. Prices range from $7 to $110 (Tour of Duty series) with most averaging about $12.




Full Metal Jacket (1987) 4.5stars.jpg
Director Stanley Kubrick
Creative Design Art
Released 2001
Rated R

Full Metal Jacket from Creative Design Art.

From ex-drill instructor R. Lee Ermey’s spot-on performance to Vincent D’Onofrio’s spooky depiction of an unbalanced recruit, Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece is the best re-creation of the total “Vietnam experience” – induction, training and combat – ever filmed. For those who lived through Vietnam, the film is a chilling reminder of sadistic drill instructors, the “controlled confusion” of combat, and the dark humor that made it all bearable.




We Were Soldiers (2002) 4stars.jpg
Director Randall Wallace
Released 2002
Rated R

Image Credit: PARAMOUNT
We Were Soldiers from Paramount.

Much as it does with today’s Global War on Terrorism, the media presented Vietnam as a war without heroes. Mel Gibson’s superb portrayal of Lieutenant Colonel (later General) Hal Moore and his valiant leadership in the Ia Drang Valley exposes that presentation as a lie. Moore led a battalion of true heroes in Vietnam, including reporter Joe Galloway, who along with Moore authored the exceptional book upon which this film is based.




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