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Posted on Nov 23, 2011 in Stuff We Like

Holiday Shopping Guide 2011

By Armchair General

Here it is, folks—Armchair General‘s annual recommendations to help you find the right gift for that person on your list who sits glued to a game, lost in a book, or absorbed in a documentary. And, of course, if you are that person, these lists will help you answer that eternal question, "What do you want this year?"

Bestselling PC games
You’ve probably heard of all of these, but their popularity definitely makes them worth a look.

PC wargames
Perhaps they’re not as well-known as the Battlefield or Modern Warfare franchises, but these games will challenge any computer gamer’s skills and bring hours and hours of enjoyment.


Sometimes you just want to switch off the computer and indulge in some old-school cardboard, cards and miniatures mayhem with friends. Here are a few boardgames you ought to take a look at.

Need we say more? Anyone interested in history is also interested in adding to an already extensive library, and these titles deserve shelf room (or memory space on your e-reader).

Military history DVDs
This year saw the release of some excellent television documentaries and the re-release of a couple of classics. Check out these recommendations, in case you missed them when they aired.