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Posted on Aug 21, 2006 in Armchair Reading

Hitler’s British invasion myth?

By Mike West


I disagree with Bevin Alexander’s assertion (How Hitler could have won WWII – ACG September 2006) that Hitler never intended to invade Britain.

Both the proposed German invasion of Britain and Hitler’s intent to invade were very real.

Operation Sea Lion was the code name for the German invasion of Britain in 1940. The plan envisioned the landing of nearly 250,000 German soldiers on the southern shores of the island along a 200 mile front that stretched from Ramsgate to Lyme Bay. Elements of the German 9th and 16th Armies including the 7th Flieger Division were earmarked for the invasion force. The start date was set for September 15, 1940 provided both the British RAF and Royal Navy were neutralized or at least minimized, to ensure a secure crossing of the English Channel by the German invasion force. 


Also, Hitler clearly indicated in his communications to the German military command, that he intended to invade Britain in the summer of 1940. 

Hitler’s War Directive No. 17 (August 1, 1940) decreed that from now on, "to produce the necessary conditions for the final conquest of England," the following actions would be taken: 

* The Luftwaffe would destroy the RAF and Britain’s air defenses by attacking airfields, supply organizations, aircraft industry and factories. 

* Once this had been achieved, all ports along Britain’s southern coast were to be destroyed except those selected for use by German invasion forces. 

* The Luftwaffe was to carry out its task with speed, ruthlessness, enterprise and daring, but was to take care to preserve sufficient strength to be battle-worthy for the actual invasion – Operation Sea Lion. 

The historical evidence clearly indicates that Hitler intended to invade Britain in 1940.

Regards,  – Mike West

* * *

Thanks for your feedback Mike.  Being British myself, it’s a topic that always fascinates me.  It won’t surprise you to learn that this topic is also often raised and discussed on thee ACG Forums.


A I Summersgill,
Website Staff