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Posted on May 16, 2008 in Boardgames

Historicon Military Seminar Series Topics 2008

By Armchair General


The Largest Tank Battle in History?
Sunday 9 AM, 1 hr, Wheatland Room
Moderator: Dana Lombardy; Panel: Frank Chadwick, Col. David Glantz, John Hill and Pete Panzeri

From WWII to Desert Storm, which was the Largest Tank Battle in History? The numbers are there to count; but what constitutes a Tank Battle? What counts as a Tank? What counts as one battle? How many days over how many miles with how many formations can one engagement be counted as “The Largest Tank Battle in History”? Our panel of WWII subject-matter experts’ opinions may differ slightly. After a brief introduction, each will speak. Then for 30 minutes the panel, and then the audience will question each. Knowing the backgrounds of our panelists, this is something NOT to be missed!


The Struggle for Stalingrad’s Factory District, 6 Oct. – 18 Nov. 1942
Sunday 11 AM, 2 hrs., Hopewell Room
Col. David Glantz – Guest of Honor

Describes, on a street-by-street and hour-by-hour basis, the fight for possession of Stalingrad’s factory district between Sixth Army’s LI Army and XIV Panzer Corps and Soviet 62nd Army, and covers peripheral operations affecting the city fight.

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