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Posted on Feb 23, 2004 in Stuff We Like

Guerrilla Warfare in The Operational Art of War

By Mark Dabbs

Figure 1.
(From Braunschweig 7.1 by Daniel McBride)

A battalion-sized partisan unit after it’s taken a beating from a Flakand Brandenberg battalion. This particular partisan has survivedseveral rounds — note the high proficiency.

Figure 2.


Partisan from Figure 1, showing disposition at beginning of turn. To its right is a light screening force to the far NW of Grozny tryingto hold the northern flank of an encirclement of half of Army Group A,and the left flank of a salient threatening to engulf the other half.

Figure 3.

Same partisan, moving to the NW revealing its Brandenberg assailants- an attempt to put some friction on the road.

4a 4b

Figure 4.
(From Gotterdammerung 1.7 by Daniel McBride)

Two battalion-sized partisans, with similar composition to that shownin Figure 1. This shows their starting positions at the beginningof Turn 6. Both managed to hold their ground, impeding an escapeacross the Berezina and a breakout from Mogilev and enabling full encirclementand near destruction of both groups by the end of T6.

Figure 5.

This partisan wasn’t so lucky — beneath the PanzerGrenadier Regiment are three MP Battalions. It will be dead soon.

Figure 6.

A lucky partisan has linked up with its friends. Depending upon howthe front develops, it may assist the offensive by stepping into a gapto facilitate an armored breakthrough; or be broken down into thirds andengage in converting ownership of high MP cost hexes.

Figure 7.

Another game of GIO — showing beginning of turn. Multiplying likerabbits in Yugoslavia, they take up positions in good defensive terrain(mountains and forested hills), after cutting a rail line and blowing abridge.

Figure 8.

Statistics and composition of the division-sized partisans like those shownin Figure 7. Good proficiency, supply and readiness — this one isin hiding, growing in strength each turn for some reasonable combat clout.

Figure 9.

In another game of GIO, see the price the HQ in the upper left corner paidfor trying to contain the partisan better forces could get to the scene? Partisans wreak havoc on HQ’s — this one managed to get overrun and involuntarilybroken into thirds…and eliminated. But again, requiring six unitsto contain it.

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