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Posted on Jun 30, 2004 in Electronic Games

Modern Air Power – War Over Vietnam – Game Review (PC)

By Jim H. Moreno

General’s Rating – 4 stars

There is tremendous amount of potential here, which you may have already thought of. Imagine the War Over Iraq or War Over Afghanistan, taking out terrorists in the dead of night with an Apache, or knocking down suspected terrorists hideouts with a Spectre or Warthog. Maybe even going back in time a bit to the skies over WWII Europe, and playing out the clashes between the RAF and the Luftwaffe!

Victory screen.

War Over Vietnam is an excellent addition to your wargaming stockpile, and is a welcome break from land-based warfare where aircraft are seldom seen. Right out of the box, it’s different, it’s fresh, and it brings a new approach to strategic combat gaming.


Installation & Technical Details

No problems at all with the installation, but I did not see an option to set an icon on my desktop. Nor does the game show up in my All Programs list. It’s an easy enough matter to go into the HPS game folder and make a shortcut for the desktop, though.

Documentation & Packaging

Standard fare; all documents are on the CD.

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Unofficial HPS Forums

Dan’s History: Air Power Over Vietnam

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About the Author

Jim H. Moreno’s interest in military history and computer gaming began while shuffling from one Army base to another in the Seventies. D & D, war games, paintball, and martial arts made up the bulk of his junior high and high school years. Following that, Jim served about 10 years with the 82nd Airborne Division, including Desert Shield/Desert Storm, and another 4 years with the North Carolina Army National Guard, where he became a professional journalist/photographer/military historian. Since then, Jim now looks to gather others into these subjects via writing. His other interests include disco, reading, the Sci Fi and History channels, and Alyssa Milano.

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