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Posted on Aug 29, 2006 in History News

Funds sought to help the last remaining Vulcan bomber to fly again

Armchair General

As a reminder of the Cold War and part of Britain’s nuclear deterrent "V-Force", the last surviving Vulcan Bomber requires funds to help it fly again.

Full details.

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  1. Vulcan bomber lands on postage stamp.

    30 metres of Vulcan Bomber has landed on a postage stamp. The feat was achieved by volunteers from the tiny post office at Bletchley Park. They put XH 558 the last example of this iconic aircraft still flying on a sheet of 10 rather special stamps. Only 300 sheets will be issued which could very quickly be worth three or four times the £50 issue price.

    Like the Vulcan, Bletchley Park faces funding crises on a regular basis. The limited edition stamps and envelopes issued from its once secret wartime post office do a lot to help. So a nice touch that two such important parts of Britain’s military heritage can help each other.

    For more information drop a line to Bletchley Park Post Office, The Mansion, Bletchley Park, MK3 6EB or visit the web site at


    Note to editors: Jpeg of stamp sheet available if required

    Media contact: Terry Mitchell. 01604 781440.