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Posted on Feb 21, 2007 in Armchair Reading

From a Marine

By Lcpl Cochran

Hello My name is Lcpl Cochran I am a Marine stationed in COP Rawah Iraq.

I was given the Magazine in this picture as a gift from a friend in my ASL club ( fredricksburg fire eaters) on the promise that I send a picture to your magazine.

3/12 L BTRY is currently conducting counter fire operations in protection of COP Rawah and the sounding area. Also the battery is conducting security patrols, guard duty and acting as provisional riflemen.

Since arriving in COP Rawah L battery has successfully made I.D.F. less of a threat to the area. In the past 2 months the A.O. around COP Rawah and COP Rawah itself has not have had any I.D.F. against it. L battery will continue conduct these duties until the end of march. The Marines in the picture are, from left to right, CPL Saucier (section chief) Lcpl Cochran (me), and CPL Jones (section chief). the picture was taken by Doc Alverado.