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Posted on May 11, 2011 in Games PR

Free Bonus Scenario in the Works for Strategic Command WWI


Fury Software has announced that 1939 Storm over Europe is currently under development for release in the near future as free bonus content for Strategic Command: WWI The Great War.

Bill Runacre – Lead Designer at Fury Software – writes: “While having lots of fun designing and then playing the WWI game on the new large scale map, it kept occurring to me that this map would also be ideal for WWII scenarios. In fact it would be a crying shame not to take advantage of this amazing opportunity that we have here for a grand scale WWII campaign.” “There is plenty of room for manoeuvre, the Battle of the Atlantic is an engrossing game of cat and mouse, and the Blitzkrieg through Poland, France, the Balkans and then into the USSR and elsewhere really is a totally new and fresh experience.” “Even those who have played many other WWII games will find some new and interesting challenges to rekindle their passion for WWII strategic warfare”. Suitably updated to represent the Europe of 1939, this campaign uses the WWII engine that comes with the WWI game.


The campaign starts with Germany at war with Poland, France and the UK, while the USSR looks greedily at Polish territory and the USA stays neutral. In Italy, Mussolini is preparing to join the Axis but the weak Italian army will need some strengthening if it is to become a valuable force in the war. Subjects under discussion so far in the beta team have been the status of Poland and provision to represent the Polish armed forces in exile, the question of National Morale in a WWII context, and the effectiveness of Strategic Bombing in the war against Germany. Players familiar with Strategic Command: WWI will know that in the main WWI campaigns National Morale is the key determinant of victory. But for WWII the situation is different as we are here looking at a fight to the finish, with total war leading to an unconditional surrender as the only likely outcome. Together with all the improvements introduced in the WWI engine, such as unit swapping, the map zoom, air units being able to move in bad weather, it’s time for 1939 Storm over Europe!

Hubert Cater – President/Lead Programmer at Furysoftware – writes: “This campaign, like all the others in the Strategic Command series, will be fully customizable with our easy to use game editor. So players will be able to change many of the game’s features, redesign the scenarios, or even draw up new ones should they so wish”. The extra room for manoeuvre that the grand map provides opens up plenty of exciting opportunities for action. For instance, early in the war players can explore the possibility of France attacking Germany in the autumn before Poland falls, or they can redeploy French forces to defend their country in a different manner to that used in 1940. Can they change the course of the war before Germany is ready to face them in the west? The greater scale exponentially increases the scope for changing history throughout the war, but don’t just take our word for it. Find out for yourself in the near future when this campaign is released as extra free bonus content for Strategic Command: WWI The Great War.