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Posted on Sep 18, 2013 in War College

FLASHPOINTS – Chemical Weapons, the Russian Gambit, and Iranian Nukes

By Armchair General

Is Syrian military unit 450 moving chemical weapons to Iran in advance of international oversight? What is Russia’s strategy in its recent diplomatic moves? What is Iran up to and how many months will it be until Tehran can produce sufficient weapons-grade uranium for a nuclear device?

US Army Colonel (ret) John Antal takes on these questions in his September 16 FLASHPOINTS update. Plus—a timeline of the chemical weapons crisis in Syria since August 20, 2012, and a look at America’s options if the Russian deal fails. Click here to download the pdf from Armchair General‘s FLASHPOINTS page.

John Antal has frequently authored articles for Armchair General, including “Wars Without End: the Challenge of ‘Arab Spring'” and “Flashpoint Gaza Analysis.” He has authored or co-authored numerous books. His latest is 7 Leadership Lessons of the American Revolution: The Founding Fathers, Liberty, and the Struggle for Independence.


(Editor’s note: For more information on Russia’s diplomatic strategy and a “new Cold War,” see “Putin vs. Obama: The ‘New Cold War’ roots of the Clash Over Syria,” by Armchair General’s editor in chief, Jerry Morelock, former Chief of Russia Branch of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Pentagon.)