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Posted on Mar 27, 2006 in Armchair Reading

Excellence with every issue

By Curt Pangracs

Well, after being a fairly active member of your forum community, I have decided to take the plunge with a 3-year subscription to ACG! I felt that I owed it to you guys for letting me hang-out so long! On a serious note, I have been reading a colleague’s copy of ACG for over a year now, and I have always felt that ACG wasn’t a magazine to be experienced once and then thrown away like so many other rags out there. The quality, the feel, the look, and the content all scream "KEEP ME FOREVER!". From the well-researched and written articles to the spot-on evaluations of some of the most important military happenings in our world’s history, ACG is first class all the way. It is also a great resource for research. Since I am a game designer and also work in the field of practical application of wargames in the classroom setting, ACG gives fair and balanced reviews of games that avoid the derogatory vernacular so popular with online reviewers right now, and allows me to make informed decisions about what wargamers want in their games. I can always expect your reviews to be on point and written in such a manner that addresses both deficiencies and features with professionalism and attention to detail. All of this is a direct reflection of everyone involved in your operation from the top down!


Bravo, ACG and Eric Weider. You strive for excellence with every issue and you always put steel on target!

Curt Pangracs

Designer of Raging Tiger and The Star and the Crescent for ProSIM Company