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Posted on Nov 10, 2014 in Stuff We Like

‘Duty, Honor, Courage’ Week on American Heroes Channel

‘Duty, Honor, Courage’ Week on American Heroes Channel

By Media Release

We received the following media release about a week of programming on American Heroes Channel in honor of Veterans Day.

* * *


— Special Programming Stunt Airs Sunday, November 9 Through Sunday, November 16 —

(Silver Spring, Md.) – For one whole week this November, every day will be Veterans Day on American Heroes Channel (AHC). Honoring the great defenders of our freedom, AHC dedicates eight days of programming to heroes who bravely served their country, selflessly stepping into harm’s way to defend the greater good, with its first-ever DUTY, HONOR, COURAGE WEEK. Spanning generations of service across major military events of the past century, the stunt honors military heroes from Sunday, November 9 through Sunday, November 16.


Featuring extraordinary stories of real-world heroism, distinguished courage, and personal sacrifice, DUTY, HONOR, COURAGE WEEK is highlighted by the premiere of the one-hour special THE REAL INGLORIOUS BASTARDS and a new episode of D-DAY TO VICTORY.

One-Hour Special Premieres on Veterans Day: Tuesday, November 11 at 10/9c
Revealing the incredible, true inspiration behind Quentin Tarantino’s film Inglourious Basterds, THE REAL INGLORIOUS BASTARDS tells the story of Jewish-American refugees from Nazi Germany who went boldly behind enemy lines to seek vengeance. Through vivid first-person accounts from the extraordinary OSS veterans, gripping dramatic reconstructions, CGI and archive, the intrepid trio’s hair-raising ‘Operation Greenup’ is brought to life, revealing one of the most successful and daring covert operations of World War II.

New Episode: “Battle of the Bulge” Premieres Saturday, November 15 at 10/9c
As the Allies closed in on Germany, Hitler launched a last gasp offensive, using his final resources to try to split the Allied armies and retake Antwerp. He almost managed it. The Ardennes offensive took place in an inaccessible hill and forest country in the dead of winter. Against prepared Panzer armies stood unprepared and overstretched US infantry divisions.

Capping off each full day of military programming, primetime highlights for DUTY, HONOR, COURAGE WEEK include:

Sunday, November 9
8-10pm ET – D-Day in 3D
10pm ET – Pearl Harbor Declassified

Monday, November 10
8-10pm ET – Inside the Killbox: Fighting the Gulf War
10pm ET – Ultimate Warfare, “Baghdad: Thunder Runs”

Tuesday, November 11
8pm ET – World War II in Color, “Britain at Bay”
9pm ET – World War II in Color, “Hitler Strikes East”
10pm ET – The Real Inglorious Bastards

Wednesday, November 12
8pm ET – WWII’s Greatest Raids, “Mountain Massacre”
9-11pm ET – Surviving D-Day

Thursday, November 13
8pm ET – World War II In Color, “Victory in the Pacific”
9pm ET – Against the Odds, “The Heroes of Tarawa”
10pm ET – Against the Odds, “The Battle for Sugar Loaf Hill”

Friday, November 14
8pm ET – Apocalypse: WWI, “Hell”
9pm ET – Apocalypse: WWI, “Rage”
10pm ET – Apocalypse: WWI, “Deliverance”

Saturday, November 15
8pm ET – D-Day to Victory, “Breakout from Normandy”
9pm ET – D-Day to Victory, “The Scheldt and Arnhem”
10pm ET – D-Day to Victory, “Battle of the Bulge”

Sunday, November 16
8pm ET – RAW WAR, “The Lost Film of Dak To”
9-11pm ET – AHC Films: Chosin

THE REAL INGLORIOUS BASTARDS is produced by Shaw Media, and D-DAY TO VICTORY is produced by Impossible Pictures. For American Heroes Channel, Max Culhane is executive producer, Sara Kozak is SVP of production, Kevin Bennett is general manager, and Henry Schleiff is Group President.