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Posted on May 30, 2006 in Armchair Reading

Doolittle’s medals

By Charlie Lewis

I just received the July issue in my mailbox today. Yay! It’s always a happy day when your magazine graces my mailbox.

However, on the table of contents page, there is a picture of Jimmy Doolittle. On his ribbons, there is what appears to be the Army Distinguished Service ribbon next to the Medal of Honor. I was under the impression that the Medal of Honor was always displayed above all other decorations. If I’m wrong about that, wouldn’t it have at least been better to have his Silver Star next to it? Just curious…

Charlie Lewis

* * *

Doolittle’s ribbons are, in fact, displayed in the proper order, since they go (from lowest to highest) from the bottom right, lowest (when viewed head-on) to the upper left, highest, in priority. Since the MOH is to the left of the DSM, it is correctly placed. The regulation does not specify that the MOH ribbon must be worn "above" (ie on a separate row over the top of other ribbons). The fact that it is worn to the left of the DSM means it is "above," ie higher, than the DSM. Doolittle and the photo are correct in placement of the MOH.


Jerry Morelock
Managing Editor/Senior Historian
Armchair General Magazine