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Posted on Jan 18, 2011 in Games PR

Dominions 3 Patched


Developer Illwinter Game Design and Publisher Shrapnel Games have released a new patch for Dominions 3.  This patch brings the game to version 3.26. 

Here are some highlights of the version 3.26 patch:

  • Improved performance and window responsiveness during the ‘AI thinking’ host stage.
  • It was sometimes possible to continue sacrificing slaves even if your temple had burned down. Fixed.
  • Fixed crash during turn generation.
  • popkill now works for non-commanders as well.
  • Command line switch -nonationinfo is now implemented.
  • Yogini was not a female. Many a date ended with a surprise. Fixed.
  • Pulseaudio on Linux no longer requires Pulseaudio dev package to be installed.
  • New modding commands for underwater recruiting.
  • Modding: Maximum number of spells increased to 2000.
  • Modding: Maximum number of name types increased to 100.
  • Many, many more changes, corrections, and additions.

The patch may be downloaded here, and is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. 


The patch is available for all flavors (Windows, Mac, and Linux) of the game.  If you don’t own the game, a demo is available at the same link.