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Posted on Jun 27, 2011 in Games PR

Dominions 3 Patched


Is it? Could it be? Why, it is! Just six months after releasing version 3.26 of Dominions 3: The Awakening developer Illwinter Game Design has readied version 3.27 for your consumption. As always you get some new toys, a few fixes, and the highlight of the patch: more support for modders.

The list of changes found in the version 3.27 are as follows:

General changes:

  • Utterdark did far too many attacks, fixed.
  • Recruitment queues are automatically reset once a fort is under siege.
  • Support for new fullscreen resolutions e.g. 1920*1080.
  • 2 x Crash during turn generation fixed.
  • Fixed bug where AI would cast Vengeance of the Dead on empty provinces.
  • Added Jack sound support for Linux version.
  • Improved Linux pulseaudio support.

Modding changes:

  • Maximum number of mods increased.
  • Maximum number of mod sprites increased 1000 -> 2000.
  • Modding: New monster mod commands: #clearweapons, #cleararmor, #drainimmune, homesick.
  • Modding: #armor accepts numbers too.
  • Modding: #custommagic can be used to created linked random magic.
  • Modding: New site mod commands: #conjcost, #altcost, #evocost, #constcost, #enchcost, #thaucost, #bloodcost.
  • Modding: New site mod commands: #holyfire, #holypower, #heal, #curse, #disease, #horrormark, #lab.

The patch is available for immediate download from publisher Shrapnel Games. Windows, Mac, and Linux, whatever you’re playing Dominions 3 on is covered. Go forth and patch! You’ll find the patch here.