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Posted on Dec 6, 2010 in Games PR

Divine Wind Meet-the-Team Video


Paradox Interactive has released a ”Meet the Team” video for the grand strategy expansion Europa Universalis III: Divine Wind. This fourth expansion to the classic historical strategy game focuses on the far east.  In this video gamers will see new options including defeating rival Daimyos in the quest to become Shogun in feudal Japan, playing off of rival factions at the Imperial Chinese court, as well as new and improved in-game graphics. While this is termed "meet the team" it’s really a free-form developer diary with the team members describing the various aspects of the game that they have changed and improved.  This gives some interesting insight into how Chinese internal politics work, as well as the general trading system, as well a UI improvement for creating buildings. 


The Divine Wind ”Meet the Team” video can be viewed at:

With a focus on the ancient Far East, Divine Wind enhances every aspect of the original game to create an even deeper experience. Divine Wind requires both Europa Universalis III Complete as well as the Heir to the Throne expansion to play, Divine Wind introduces an overhauled graphical look, a more detailed map, and a wealth of new oriental provinces to control. 

Features include:

  • Play as one of four major Daimyo’s in Japan vying for influence over the Emperor and control over the Shogunate
  • Enhanced diplomacy with more options for alliances and peace negotiations
  • Dozens of new building types allowing greater control over the development of provinces
  • More realistic development of trade
  • Manage the internal factions within China to keep the Mandate of Heaven
  • Over 50 Achievements for players to unlock
  • Multiplayer for up to 32 players

For more information:

Web page:

The expansion Divine Wind will be released on the 14th of December with a recommended retail price of $19.99/€19.99/£14.99.