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Posted on Dec 8, 2010 in Games PR

Dead Space 2 Demo Coming Soon


Visceral Games™, a studio of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:ERTS) announced a demo for the critically-acclaimed action horror game, Dead Space™2 will soon be available. The demo, which will be released on December 21st, will allow players to discover the Church of Unitology and help the protagonist defeat the Necromorph outbreak in a gruesome, unforgiving battle on The Sprawl.

In the Dead Space 2 demo, players will take engineer Isaac Clarke on a terrifying adventure through the Church of Unitology , an expectedly "safe" place that quickly becomes dangerous and deadly, during the Necromorph outbreak on the Sprawl. Players will also have access to a variety of new tools that Isaac can use to fight Necromorphs, including the new Javelin gun, updated stasis recharge mechanic and enhanced telekinesis ability. Players will also experience the advanced suit, equipped with jets that will allow Isaac full 3600 control in Zero-G space.


"The holidays are a great time to enjoy all forms of entertainment, and we can’t wait to give horror and action adventure gamers a taste of what awaits them in Dead Space 2," said Steve Papoutsis , Executive Producer of the Dead Space franchise. "Releasing the demo five weeks before launch will not only re-connect players with our hero Isaac Clarke , but will also give them the opportunity to experience firsthand various jaw-dropping scenarios. It’s gonna be awesome"

Dead Space 2 intends to push the limits of action, horror, and terror. After mysteriously awaking in a sprawling, massive city anchored to one of Saturn’s moons, hero Isaac Clarke again finds himself thrust into the middle of a relentless Necromorph outbreak. Surrounded by the screeching cries of undead monsters and the haunting drum of echoing noises, Isaac plots a course through The Sprawl. Dead Space 2 is set to deliver a truly epic terror experience that will bring the psychological thrills of deep space to a terrifyingly new level.

The Dead Space 2 demo will be available for download December 21 on Xbox LIVE™ Marketplace Worldwide and the PlayStation®Network in North America . The demo will be available December 22 on PlayStation®Network in Europe . Dead Space 2 will be available on Jan. 25, 2011 for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system and the PC.

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