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Posted on Feb 23, 2005 in History News

Dangerous New World: A Global Report [2005]

Editorial Staff

Welcome to the web portion of Armchair General’s Global Report on the state of the world in 2005.  In conjunction with the magazine article, we will take a look at the dangerous times in which we live, and try to make sense of some of the history that brought us to this point.  The war against Terrorism is a war we must win! 

We have articles to help explain some of the dangerous weapons of the 21st Century such as Chemical, Biological and Nuclear Weapons.  These are collectively branded as "Weapons of Mass Destruction" or WMD, often heard in today’s news.  Learn more in What YOU Need to Know About Weapons of Mass Destruction. 


Continue reading about the complex procedures that go into United States foreign policy in A "Short Course” on U.S. Foreign Policy–How It Really Gets Made. Learn why foreign policy is much more than any one man or institution.

Learn how the United States military has evolved from a collection of individual branches into a unified command which has given it renewed efficiency, and lethality, in How America Fights– Joint Warfighting.

Finally, can a great leader from 2000 years ago impart wisdom upon the events in Iraq in 2005?  See what we might learn from Alexander in Alexander the Great and Today’s War in Iraq as well as a shorter companion piece on Afghanistan entitled A Tip for Pacifying Afghanistan from Alexander the Great.

July 2, 2004. Soldiers of the 25th Infantry Division’s 1st Battalion, 27th Infantry Regiment salute the colors during a ceremony in Iraq. The division deployed Soldiers to both Iraq and Afghanistan. Image Credit: Sean Kimmons/U.S. Army