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Posted on May 11, 2005 in Armchair Reading

FAQ About Our Magazine

Editorial Staff

Q.Why haven’t I received the first issue of my subscription yet?

A. Depending on the timing of your intial subscription request, you may experience a delay of up to 6 weeks before the magazine shows up at your doorstep. In rare cases, this means the magazine will be at the local bookstore before your subscription begins. The magazine ships once a month (around the middle of the month) – so if you miss that batch, you might have to wait until the next month’s batch is printed. However, for future issues, you will be in the initial batch – and you will get your magazine (barring local shipping difficulties) BEFORE it hits bookstores (overseas customer results may vary). If you want to check the status of your subscription (or to find out when to expect it!) please email and give them your shipping address so they can properly locate you, or call toll free to 800-755-1366 to get an immediate answer.


Q. Where can I buy your magazine in my town?
A. This is a tough question for us to answer specifically, because there is no way to know exactly where our distributors are going to send copies of the publication. However, in the US you are pretty likely to find it in any of the larger bookstores such as Barnes & Noble or Borders and some Wal-Marts. In Canada you should also find it in your larger bookstores or you might find it at your local Wal-Mart store as well. Be sure to call ahead. You probably won’t find it at your local hobby shop or corner newsstand just yet, but be sure to request it!

Q. I haven’t heard back from you, why are you ignoring me?
A. Please be sure to include your full, correct, email address in our contact us forms. A lot of messages come in with no email address (or it was typed wrong), and therefore we have no way to respond!

Q. If I buy issue x from the store and use the insert to subscribe, will I get issue x again?
A. If you use the insert inside the magazine, it is keyed to begin your subscription with the following issue. This ensures you don’t get duplicates! If you choose to subscribe via the website, we will make sure your subscription goes for 6 issues beyond the one you purchased on the store shelf.

Q. I live in the UK, where might I find your magazine?
A. Generally, we are unable to give specifics as to where to find our magazine. However, if you live in London, check out Oxford News on Oxford Street, Williams Newsagent on Tottenham Court Road, News Mart on 30-35 Dury Lane and Fulham News at 200 Fulham Road. In Belfast, try popping in to Easons Donegall Place Belfast BT1 or Easons Botanic Avenue BT7. Also try any of the larger international kiosk newsstands and WH Smith stores in the UK. As always, call ahead to make sure they have any in stock!

Q. I’m no Brit! What about the rest of the world?
A. No offense intended! We have sent copies to the following nations (outlets and number vary widely, so please call ahead!); Austria, Denmark, South Africa, Middle East, Singapore/Malaysia, Italy, AFFES, Sweden, Netherlands, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Finland, and Norway.

Q. Are you going to be a totally Pro-US magazine? I want articles on obscure battles, generals, and equipment!
A. Rest assured we at Armchair General are working hard to bring a wide diversity of conflicts and nations into the magazine. However, as we are primarily based in the United States (with staff also in England and Canada) it is fair to say will have some slant towards "the west." However, future featured generals include Napoleon, Rommel, Israeli General Peled, and a few surprises. It is fair to say our core focus is on World War II and The American Civil War. This by definition means there will be more Americans in our pages.

Q. OK, but I am a Navy/Air Force fan…not the Army! Where are the air and sea articles?
A. Your time is coming! We can’t put everything in our first few issues. As we become more established we can cover broader topics.