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Posted on Aug 15, 2008 in Electronic Games

Combat Mission Campaigns – Exclusive After-Action Report

By Armchair General

Each side has a supply source at the edge of the board that provides a link to higher formations and sources of supply, and there are supply depots of various types and capabilities on the playing area. These vary in size from a small, company-level facility with horse-drawn wagons all the way up to a regimental depot with a large fleet of trucks in support. Some depots can provide all three supply types; others specialise in just one type.

Enemy airpower cuts down the effectiveness of supply chains. In extreme cases, nighttime will provide the best resupply potential, as air power is greatly diminished then.

Road and rail transport lines are essential for resupply.This screenshot shows a German Sturmgeschutze Batterie drawing some needed ammunition resupply from a distant dump. The effectiveness of this resupply will be higher than normal because roads and rail both play a part in providing the supply chain for this unit. Railroads are critical for supply of large formations and will provide a focus for conflict in some campaigns.

As in real life, commanders of battalions, companies and platoons can become casualties. When that happens in the game, CMC manages promotions of subordinates within a unit after a battle. The next-highest ranking officer (or the most senior, if ranks are equal) is promoted into position, taking with him his record of achievements, and the promotions ripple down through the unit.


As combat losses diminish unit strength, two small units can be merged to make a better fighting force. For example, two sections reduced to seven and three men may merge to form a single 10-man section.

Ready to see how all this works? Click here for a PDF describing an after-action report from a Combat Mission Campaign scenario.

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  1. I am very excited for this game!!

  2. Exellent! A good and compact review that convinced me that this is a game I wish to spend the dark hours with come next winter!

    Mr Poundr.

  3. ip games with barbarassoto brlin

  4. Good this will definitely beat Matrixgames Kharkov and put it where it belongs in the bargain basement bin. Anxious for Battlefront to release this great add-on for CMBB.

  5. CMC is an excellent idea, based on the BEST WW II game ever. But, when will it be finally out???

  6. i am still waiting on this…. my CMBO/CMBB/CM Afrika Korps…..i know its only for CMBB…but just the same i am still waiting on this 😀

  7. Like the others I to have been waiting for this game for some time
    now. CMBB was my first war gaming experience and gladly to
    say the best one to date. Even though it really needs a graphical
    overhall since its release in 2002 it still has the best war game
    experience on the eastern front. I do have one question – can you
    play CMC over the entire eastern front in WWII as one enormous
    campaign map? Man that would take months if not years!

  8. I have been waiting for this game for more one year. CMBB is the best game about easter front in WWII but I´l whis CMC and a significant graphical improvement.

  9. Another quater of year gone by and still no game releasds. I doubt this game will ever happen, its like the Loch Ness monster of war games!

  10. I agree with Sgt K(elly?).

    I love CMxx, I played CMMC2 for a long time lacking something like CMC. I hope CMC will be able to at least partially make up for me not being able to play CMMC 2 or even 3 anymore (time!).

    Come on guys, when is this game finally coming? This game should have been here way before BTS launched CM ShockForce (IMHO a total devastation of the CMBO/BB/AK engine).

  11. I really hope battlefront wil release CMC soon
    we are expecting it for over one year now xmas is arrived and
    still no news.

    c’mon Bys let’s finish it!!!!!

  12. Was this game ever released? I did not see it on the website.


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