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Posted on Aug 22, 2011 in Games PR

Combat Mission: Afghanistan v1.03 Patch Released

wpengine has released the version 1.03 patch for Combat Mission: Afghanistan.  This patch requires installation of the v1.02 patch before it can be applied. This patch is not compatible with the Russian version of the game. advises that saved games from version 1.02 will be compatible with the new patch provided they are saved in the Command Phase (not the Replay Phase) before upgrading to v1.03. Due to possible conflicts, recommends uninstalling any mods before applying the v1.03 patch.

Fixes and Features of the v1.03 Patch:

  • Flashes of light, at night, look better.
  • Camera movement and zooming keys are smoother.
  • Corrected an embarking problem with the BMP-1D.
  • Corrected a problem that didn’t halt projectiles bouncing on top of walls.
  • Numerous small fixes and stability improvements.

The patch can be downloaded from Battlefront here: