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Posted on Oct 23, 2014 in Electronic Games

Codes Giveaway for Peninsular War Battles

Codes Giveaway for Peninsular War Battles

By Armchair General


Hunted Cow is releasing its first Napoleonic Wars game, Peninsular War, and is offering 10 free download codes to Armchair General readers. Players can take the role of the French, British or Spanish, and and the game offers 5 campaigns with 40 missions. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, version 5.1.1 or later (optimized for iPhone 5).

Want to enter the sweepstakes for one of the 10 free download codes? Just leave a comment below telling us the title of a game, book or movie on the Napoleonic Wars that you have enjoyed. One entry per person. Comments must be left before midnight, Sunday, Oct. 26. 2014.


The battlefield is a scene of constant chaos. The winner will be the one who controls that chaos, both his own and the enemies.“—Napoleon Bonaparte


  1. Napoleon Total War

  2. Borodino

  3. The War of Wars by Robert Harvey

  4. original AH Waterloo

  5. War and Peace… Tolstoy

  6. Waterloo (1970). Italian-Russian coproduction using the Soviet army for the forces of Napoleon, Wellington, and Blucher. Finally available on DVD it is the best dramatization of Napoleonic warfare you will ever see. Rod Steiger and Christopher Plummer star.

  7. Napoleon Total War

  8. Sharpe’s War and the rest of the series with good ol’ Sean Bean long before Eddard Stark.

  9. The 1960’s Russian movie version of “War and Peace”.

    The battle scenes cannot be matched.

  10. Sharpes TV series

  11. “waterloo” the hundred days by David Chandler

  12. “The Duelists”

  13. Waterloo with Rod Steider @ Christopher Plummer, 1970 film

  14. Prelude to Waterloo – Talonsoft

  15. Sharpes series, Napoleon Total War, and the book “With Napoleon in Russia” by Gen. Armand de Caulaincourt

  16. Just finished War and Peace by Tolstoy. Very great epic!

  17. 1957 film The Pride And The Passion, Gregory Peck, Frank Sinatra, and a stunning Sophia Loren (and a big cannon hauled across Spain)

  18. Sharpe

  19. Sharpe’s Rifles with Sean Bean

  20. Napoleon Total War

  21. Waterloo with Rod Steider @ Christopher Plummer, 1970 film

  22. Avalon Hill’s Waterloo.

  23. GMT’s Battles of Waterloo

  24. The Sharpe series with Sean Bean or the books are excellent and a great companion to Aubrey/Maturin.

  25. Captain Coignet “A Soldier of Napoleon’s Imperial Guard”
    Rifleman Harris “95th Rifles”
    Memoirs of a Polish Lancer Dezydery Chlapowski

  26. The movie Waterloo with Rod Steiger

  27. Avalon Hill’s “Waterloo” (which, by the way I have had since the early 1970s and I still play it every once in a while).

  28. the campaigns of napoleon, and field of glory:napoleonic

  29. Field Commander Napoleon by DVG Games , a great solitaire board game

  30. Napoleon:Total War totally my favorite Napoleonic game!

  31. Napoleon Total War and John Tiller’s Battleground Napoleonic Wars

  32. “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy, “Vanity Fair” by Thackeray.
    And the movie “Hussar Ballad”

  33. Wellington’s Victory by SPI…

  34. To War with Wellington by Peter Snow