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Posted on Nov 12, 2012 in History News

Civil War Treasure Trove Found in Fredericksburg

By Armchair General

Workers excavating to construct a new courthouse in Fredericksburg, Virginia, found a buried basement containing a treasure trove of Civil War artifacts. The items create an image of what likely happened after Federal troops drove Confederate snipers from the town, prior to one of the worst Union defeats of the war. Click the links below for more information and images. The timing of the find is serendipitous: the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Fredericksburg, which saw more troops engaged than did  the Battle of Gettysburg, will be December 11–15,

The New York Times: Construction Site Offers Fleeting Glimpse of the Civil War Past


The Virginian-Pilot: Fredericksburg courthouse dig tells Civil War Story City courthouse dig tells Civil War Story (abridged version of story in The Virginian-Pilot, but with different photos)

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  1. We should have an article in Armchair General Magazine, on this. There should be some interesting archeology to dig up. Also, how well supplied were the Confederates after Antietam?. There were only a few months difference between Antietam and Fredricksburg.