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Posted on Mar 17, 2006 in Boardgames, Front Page Features

Command & Colors: Ancients – Boardgame Review

Commands & Colors: Ancients allows you to re-fight epic battles of the ancient world. Here the focus is on the two rivals for power in the Western Mediterranean - Carthage and Rome. Will you, as Hannibal, triumph over larger Roman armies; or as Scipio Africanus, will you beat Hannibal with newer tactics of your own?

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Posted on Feb 2, 2006 in Boardgames, Front Page Features

Battles of Alexander – Boardgame Review I picked the new version of Deluxe Alexander up off the shelf, I had to wonder: After the changes made to the game system in such recent games as Devil's Horsemen, could a re-release of the original game in the Great Battles series stand up? Or was I, like many hex-based wargamers, simply living in the nostalgic past?

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Posted on Dec 19, 2005 in Boardgames

Crusader Rex – Boardgame Review

Designed by Jerry Taylor and Tom Dagliesh, Crusader Rex provides the color and excitement of the Third Crusade in the same way that their Hammer of the Scots provided a fresh perspective on the Anglo-Scottish struggle of the Middle Ages. It is a wooden block game with a card-driven mechanism that offers a fast, fluid and playable exercise that cannot help but underscore the lessons of history.

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Posted on Nov 29, 2005 in Boardgames

Carthage – Boardgame Review

GMT's Carthage:The First Punic War, 264 B.C.-241 B.C. (Game Design by Richard Berg), the second installment in The Ancient World, creates the conflict on land and sea with the comprehensive First Punic War scenario. Carthage is certainly well researched, and definitely detailed, ... but is not for the casual gamer. Read the full review to learn more.

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Posted on Nov 17, 2005 in Boardgames

Wellington – Boardgame Review

This installment of GMT's card driven campaign game is adapted from McLaughlin's award winning The Napoleonic Wars. Wellington removes the diplomacy that makes The Napoleonic Wars so tense, and creates (in GMT's own words) "a traditional blood and guts wargame with more cards in their hands and hence even more game action."

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Posted on Oct 11, 2005 in Boardgames

Grand Illusion – Boardgame Review

This game puts a new spin on WWI, has some interesting approaches in its rules, and has a map that takes hexes a size up. It gets good marks for historical accuracy, but a confusing ruleset throws a bit of cold water on an otherwise fine offering.

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Posted on Aug 29, 2005 in Boardgames

Hammer of the Scots – Boardgame Review

This game has found pretty high marks with our reviewer. "A brilliantly designed block game, Hammer of the Scots combines some of the best elements of a card-driven game with that of a block game. See the full review for more.

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Posted on Jul 19, 2005 in Boardgames

Bonaparte at Marengo – Boardgame Review

Simulating one of Napoleon's proudest moments in battle, this is an interestingly designed game where the aim is for the players to outmaneuver the enemy using some novel mechanics for attack and defense. The game itself is finely-balanced while also being a challenge to play well. Get the full scoop here!

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Posted on Jul 15, 2005 in Boardgames

Devil’s Horsemen – Boardgame Review

Great Battles of History: Volume X: Devil's Horsemen features a variety of scenarios and army/counter mixes. It moves beyond its successful predecessors to become a great game by its own design. For a historical gamer, it is a must buy, must play. For the beginner, it is a benchmark to aspire toward playing.

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Posted on Jun 30, 2005 in Boardgames

Battlegroup: 1939-45 – Boardgame Review

Where do the so-called 'beer & pretzels' games fit for historical gamers? Do they have any value at all beyond being a substitute for the "real thing?" Lost Battalion Games has introduced a card game that might serve as both substitute for the "real thing" and as an introductory level primer for the military history behind the game.

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Posted on Jun 20, 2005 in Boardgames

Roads to Leningrad – Boardgame Review

Published by GMT Games, Roads to Leningrad is an operational level (battalion level) game covering the early moves of Leeb's Army Group North as the blitzkrieg advanced toward Leningrad in 1941... Roads to Leningrad offers maneuver, combat and historical flavor without excessive complexity.

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Posted on Mar 28, 2005 in Boardgames

Sword of Rome – Boardgame Review

This two, three, or four player game encompasses the military and political struggle for control of Italy between the Romans, Greeks, Etruscans, Samnites, Volsci, Carthaginians, Gauls and Trans-Alpine Gauls. With all these actors vying for power, one can suspect that such a game can take many twists and turns, with tactical and strategic surprise around every corner.

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Posted on Jan 7, 2005 in Boardgames

Zero! – Boardgame Review

Zero! is a card game which recreates fighter dogfights between two or more players during the opening months of combat in the Pacific Theater. The aircraft cards in the Basic Game represent several types of Japanese, American and British fighters that came into existence between 1938 and 1942.

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Posted on Dec 9, 2004 in Boardgames

Borodino – Boardgame Review

Borodino, Battle of Moskova, 1812, allows the players to recreate this major clash between Napoleon and the Russians in front of Moscow in 1812. The scenario takes place over the course of one day (September 7), and is broken down into twelve 75-minute turns.

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Posted on Nov 23, 2004 in Boardgames

Gringo! – Boardgame Review

Having a game like Gringo! cross your desk is a nice kick in the pants to remind one that there are other periods of history that can be simulated, and simulated very well, besides traipsing across the steppes of Russia or raiding peasant villages in medieval Europe.

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Posted on Nov 8, 2004 in Boardgames

ASL Starter Kit #1 – Boardgame Review

The ASL Starter Kit is a modest package that enables people to explore a huge new world. Fun to play on its own merits, it also guides gamers into the universe of Advanced Squad Leader (ASL), simultaneously the most detailed and most exciting board wargame depicting World War II tactical combat.

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