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Posted on Jul 12, 2013 in War College

Trek to Kiangan and Back

Armchair General reader Mo Ludan documents his three-day 320-mile “Trek to Kiangan and Back” as he highlights some of the sites from a recent trip to the northernmost region of the Philippine main island of Luzon.

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Posted on Jun 10, 2013 in War College

Fear and Courage – Returning to Iwo Jima 68 Years Later

Three WW2 veterans returned to Iwo Jima on the 68th anniversary of the battle. In 1945 one was a Marine rifleman, another drove a USMC halftrack with a 105mm howitzer, and the third was a US Army Air Corps flight engineer aboard a B-29 that was part of the preliminary bombardment of the island.

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Posted on May 23, 2013 in Carlo D'Este, War College

The Last Full Measure of Devotion

Memorial Day is when we appropriately focus on and honor the service and the sacrifices of the those who have died in the service of this nation … we also must not forget the living: those who have served and are suffering from physical wounds and from psychological wounds in the form of PTSD and survivor guilt.

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Posted on Apr 9, 2013 in Tactics101, War College

Tactics 101 083 – Targeting

Perhaps no area of military doctrine is tinkered with more than the targeting process. The latest installment of "Tactics 101" puts a bulls-eye on the subject, including such information as how targeting has changed since the War on Terror began.

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