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Posted on Feb 2, 2006 in History News

Calling all UK World War II re-enactors!

Armchair General

"PRELUDE TO D-DAY" A Village at War is taking place at the CHILTERN OPEN AIR MUSEUM over the weekend 13th and 14th May 2006.

This event is a 100% "First Person" Living History weekend open to the public with the aim of bringing independent groups together to form larger groupings (Super Groups) representing the units that took part in the D-Day Training and subsequent Normandy invasion.

This event is being brought to you by The "First Allied Airborne Association" and the "Men Of Britain" Living History Groups supported by some of the very best groups in WWII Re-enactment.

Due to its time frame and Home Front Location this event is open only to Allied units and only allied groups who can represent units that either made up the "Combat Teams" in pre invasion training or who actually took part in the Normandy operation!


This event is not a come as you are event, or a show and tell display weekend, but is by invitation only! Interested units may apply to be invited, unit numbers is not as important as authenticity!

The CHILTERN OPEN AIR MUSEUM (COAM) is a vast venue, filled with period (Wartime and pre-war) buildings and features (see pictures attached) the event has the use of large areas of the museum and is being billed by the museum as a 2006 Major event.

For those interested in attending, contact Lee Bowden.


  1. I am a Yank trying to obtain information on where I can find an affordable RAF officer’s Service Dress uniform and matching belted great coat. I am a 52 regular and 6 feet tall my waist is about 44 U.S. any information regarding,patterns,modifications of military surplus etc. would be appreciated!


    Vince (the Yank!)

    • Yes, Armchair General magazine is alive and well and will be publishing Vol. VI, No. 6 next month. It is difficult to find in the UK, however, so you may need to subscribe to receive it there.