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Posted on May 6, 2005 in Admin

Brent Layman

Editorial Staff

Brent Layman

Title: Website Programmer
Hobbies: Wargaming
Favorite Movies: NA
Background: In addition to serving as website programmer, Brent gets to do all kinds of fun things – integrating NT, Novell, and Solaris, designing dynamic web pages, rewriting legacy programs into web-enabled applications, helping to provide user support, and assisting his staff with technical problems. He reports that the people and the learning environment are terrific!

Brent was introduced to wargaming by his sixth grade science teacher. He spent the next four years of Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings at his teacher’s house, enjoying the battles of the local club. Some of his favorite memories include SPI’s "Terrible Swift Sword" and "War in Europe" along with AH’s "Squad Leader" series. They also fought with minitatures from the Ancients up to WWII with an emphasis on the Napoleonic era.


The love of gaming and military history lead Brent to West Point where he graduated in 1987. His army life started as an Infantry officer in the 82nd Airborne Division. As part of his Army experience, he had the pleasure of traveling to Panama, Honduras, and many U.S. states. Of course, the only touring he got to do was out in the woods, swamps, jungles, etc. His first assignment was as the platoon leader for 2nd platoon, B company, 2-504 parachute infantry regiment. He says he was blessed with intelligent, hard working soldiers and truly enjoyed airborne, ranger, and jumpmaster school. (Okay … not really Ranger school!) From there, he became the Executive Officer for Headquarters Company, 82nd Airborne Division. During Desert Storm, Division SOP determined that he was the rear detachment commander for his company and the MP company. As such, he commanded a 250 soldier company for a year. By Aug of ’91, he’d had enough Army fun and became a nasty civilian.


  1. Hello,

    Clicking on many of your links results in a message from Microsoft promting me to either “delete” or “fix” LiveMail. Do others have this problem? (I post on the World War 1 forum under the username peterhof)

  2. why IAM a member here yet unable to post??????