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Posted on Nov 14, 2004 in Armchair Reading

Braunschweig – An After Action Report Part III

By Zachary Hutchinson

And just so that you guys get a pic of something for this turn, 11-1 shows the moutain passes and the defenses I’ve set up. The light blue highlights the passes themselves.

Figure 11-1

Near the bottom, note the two Caucasus reserve tank brigades, which I hope to save in case he slips a mountain regiment by me or to toss against a German armor concentration.


Figure 12-1

12-1 shows how I’ve constructed a new defensive position hinging on the little town of Adler by the sea and using the Pseaschcha Pass as its backbone. This looks like a strong position and he’ll have to punch through it to continue on. With well over 150 guns of artillery, it should stand for a while. Not to mention the Black Sea fleet which is always available.


I held onto Grozny this turn. The heroic 46th AC Battalion is dug in deep somewhere in the city’s heart. The 271st RD is dug in behind Khasavyurt, supported by a two armored trains; this delaying action will hopefully keep Foggy’s southern blitz off of Makhachkala for an additional turn or two.

The Stalingrad front is stable for now and I’ve managed to scrape up some reserves in case of a major thrust. This will give me the chance to feed extra reconstitutions to the multiple staging areas along the upper Don. I can’t decide where to launch the attack. This will depend on intelligence that comes in over the next turns. I’m watching the replay of this area very closely trying to keep track of what is leaving and arriving along this quiet front. The 4th Tank Corps is set up across the Don from Raspopinskaya. I think I’ll leave it here for a while. If his armies pushing farther up the bend of the Don River move a few hexes eastward, I can cross the river and threaten his rear.


The Black Sea Coast Defense is growing. More units take up positions as they escape the German advance north of Sochi.

Ordzhonikidze and Grozny are vacant but still in my hands as of the final rounds of turn 13. I’m setting up several ambushes with expendable mountain allies. 13-1 shows two such ambushes. The one on the right is sprung, trapping several German recon units, while the one on the left waits for a PzGr regiment of the 22nd Pz Div just off the top of the picture.

Figure 13-1

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