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Posted on Feb 24, 2004 in Stuff We Like

Bovington Tank Museum

Armchair General


Since my main interest lay in seeing the Tiger Tank (don’t worry, I’m getting to it) and the other WWII stuff, I must confess that modern armour just doesn’t send the same thrill through me. I took plenty of photos though, and here is a selection for you.

I’m not sure why this one has a huge TV mounted on top of the gun (joke).

A nice line-up of post-war Tanks.

Some Tanks from one or other of the Gulf/Iraq wars.


A top view of the same Tanks from recent Middle East conflicts. There are some captured Iraqi vehicles in amongst this mix.

Another British experiment! This mighty machine is called a "Tortoise" and is the only one left. I think the name is very apt ? I really can’t see this machine thundering across the plains somehow.

You can’t see it very well, but under the canopy which denotes the exit from this last display hall is a British Chieftain Tank ? which has quite literally been sliced in half to show the internal components.

Soviet Tank Destroyer of WWII vintage captured in Cyprus (I think). Very scary-looking thing.

A rogue Helicopter that’s suspended from the ceiling in this, the final hall.


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  1. those look nice