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Posted on Apr 7, 2008 in Books and Movies

Airborne Forces at War — Book Review

By Jim H. Moreno

Paratroopers are constantly barraged with the question—as F. Clifton Berry, Jr., has written in the book’s preface—"Why would someone want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane in flight?" Indeed, it was a question that hounded me during my jump school days. Before I entered airborne training, the only answer I could provide was to simply say “I want to be Airborne.” After graduating, and over the following years serving with the 82nd Airborne Division, I learned the reality of being “Airborne,” and my answer to that question came to be, “Because I am Airborne!”

In similar fashion, Airborne Forces at War shows the historical esprit de corps of America’s airborne soldiers. I think it will also bestow that same answer to all who seek it: Because we are Airborne, all the way!


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