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Posted on Jul 8, 2005 in Armchair Reading

Bonus Game: Stalingrad – A Walk in Hell

By Mark H. Walker

You will need this information to access the bonus game;


PASSWORD = The "download key" found on P. 37 of the September 2005 issue of Armchair General Magazine. Type it in EXACTLY as you see it in the magazine.

Grab the free bonus game Stalingrad: A Walk in Hell using this link.

This game comes in the form of a PDF file and is a tabletop wargame. You will need to print the map and units (counters) before you can play the game (examples of map board, counter art, and action cards located to left).

Game design by Mark H. Walker. Art by Nicolas Eskubi.



  1. Hello,

    Your offer of a “free” downloadable game is nice, but if you do not provide the “download key” in addition to the password, what good is your offer? For “Stalingrad – A Walk in Hell” for instance I do not have the September 2005 issue of Armchair General, so I cannot look up the “download key on p. 37” as the instructions direct me to do.

    Have I missed something, or do you need to think this through?


  2. Hi Dan. The game was released in 2005 as part of the magazine so I understand it is hard to attain this game. One option is to pick up the back issue, which is available in our store;

    A second option to check Mark’s website, as I believe he is going to re-release this game as a more robust download version on his site;

    Thank you for your comment.


    • Yes I see the sam bait and switch thing from you people.
      I had subscribed to your magazine, no games seem to be offered while I subscribed, so I found your ma a cheap imitation of others and as well something that yu make tseem even today, that you can get a game, when reall you cannot, not if the mag from years cannot be found.
      I was really disappointed after subscribing that you did not even give old passwords for the games you had, why such a idea I dunno, people are having to put the game together anyway.

      So I agree with the previous person a I am one that got little from your mag before and see nothing has changed since.