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Posted on Aug 29, 2006 in Armchair Reading

Bonus Game: Island War

Armchair General

Grab Island War using this link.  Grab the Wanna Ridge scenario.

You will need this information to access the bonus game;
USERNAME = island (all lowercase)
PASSWORD = The "download key" found on P. 46 of the Nov 2006 issue of Armchair General Magazine. Type it in EXACTLY as you see it in the magazine.


Discuss Island War on the Armchair General forums.

Missed the issue?  Missed the game?  Try Mark H. Walker’s website for an expanded version of this game.  Click here!

This game comes in the form of a PDF file and is a tabletop wargame. You will need to print the map and units (counters) before you can play the game.  When printing Island War DO NOT scale the images to fit the pages. Print the game at 100% (no more, no less). Scaling the pages will resize the counters, stretch the map, and end the world as we know it. It’s very bad stuff.