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Posted on Oct 28, 2005 in Armchair Reading

Boardgames and Cyberboard

By Dave Deitch

Started reading your magazine. I really like the layout. I see that you do some war boardgame reviews. I also see two areas for improvement. Would it be possible to squeeze in a war boardgame replay of newer games coming out? It would help people to decide on buying them I would think. The second is have you ever thought of doing Cyberboard game boxes for your games that you publish with the magazine. It would save time for people on downloading these really large files. Thanks.

Cheers Dave!



I doubt we’ll be able to do any replays. Although they are interesting, we only have so much space, and I don’t think we can squeeze that in. As for Cyberboard copies of my games… we are working on a VASSAL version of Stalingrad right now.

Mark H. Walker
Author, Analyst, Designer


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