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Posted on Jun 1, 2006 in Armchair Reading

Best and Worst Vietnam movies

By George Kimbriel

I more or less agree with your assessment of the movies presented in the article.  However, I think “Hamburger Hill” should have been included in “The Best” category.  In addition I would put “We were Soldiers..” before “Full Metal Jacket”.  I never heard a combat unit sing the “Mickey Mouse Club song” in ‘nam and a discussion as to where or not to shoot a wounded sniper, NEVER HAPPEN, first of all I NEVER saw a wounded sniper, they were either alive or dead.


  1. hello all..
    Im looking for an old vienam movie…

    Its about an young soldier who falls inlove with vietnamese girl and take her to US..
    i remember some small parts.. i think hes squad was in a small village…us soldiers were killeing and burning all.. then the soldier saw this women..i think he was supposed to kill her..but he could not…so he run away with her…other scene is where he gives her some food from his own ratinos…i think most of the movie those 2 are on the run…
    the ending is that they manage to sellte in US.

  2. I think the film you are looking for is heaven and earth with tommy lee jones, hope this helps