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Posted on Nov 17, 2008 in Stuff We Like

Battle of Mexico City Animated Map

Editorial Staff

Battle of Mexico City at The Art of Battle: Animated Battle Maps.  Photo Courtesty of Jonathan Webb.

As an enthusiast of military maps, I have a special place in my heart for animated battle maps on the web.  I think they really help visualize the ebb and flow of warfare in ways that pictures or words alone fail to do.  One such site for this is The Art of Battle: Animated Battle Maps.  The site owner, Jonathan Webb, has animated maps for great military battles in addition to a short tutorial on tactical maneuvers.   I asked him to send me an update on his latest map;

The most recent battle to be animated and posted is the Battle of Mexico City in which Winfield Scott leads the Americans to battle against the Mexicans lead by Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. The Battle of Mexico City is interesting in that, while both commanders utilized a number of feints and counterattacks, the battle was decided by the spirit and will to win from the individual soldier. Nonetheless, a single mistake on the part of either commander could spell disaster so check out this battle and many others at The Art of Battle: Animated Battle Maps.


The possibilities in history are endless, but some battles are more complicated than others.  He already has about 20 battles completed, so what battle would you like to see Jonathan produce next?

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  1. A clear and consise picture of events. Very well done.