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Posted on Sep 5, 2006 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

Battle For Decatur – Part 1

Jim H. Moreno

For a short time that seemed like an eternity, each side lay down brutal fire against the other, artillery belched fire and death at long range. When the smoke would clear away enough to see, it was becoming easy to tell that the Confederates were outnumbered in this battle. Sensing this, the Union cavalry rode out and engaged the Confederate flanks, and though they were repulsed, the Confederates were slowly being pushed back.

The Confederates brought their reserves on line in an attempt to hold position, but their dead and wounded were increasing too rapidly for them to hold out much longer. Quickly, they tried to rescue their fallen soldiers from the battlefield while more fell where they stood. Gathering together, the battered Confederates were finally forced to lay down their arms and concede this battle to the Union Army.

The Confederate Army may have been put down in this skirmish, but it was not yet out. The South will rise again!


Stay Alert, Stay Alive!


Jim H. Moreno

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  1. hello i was wondering if there was a part 2 of this…and if the photos of this event still around i was the organizer of this event at the time and would like copies for a scrap book