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Posted on Mar 25, 2008 in Boardgames, Electronic Games, Front Page Features

Axis & Allies Miniatures: North Africa 1940-1943 – Day 2

By Paul Glasser

Avalon Hill is scheduled to release the latest booster pack North Africa 1940-1943 for the Axis & Allies Miniatures game on March 28. All this week, leading up to the release day, Armchair General is giving grognards interested in this collectible miniatures combat game an inside preview! We sent our own Paul Glasser under the wire to scope out the new reinforcements to the game, and his reports detail valuable information regarding the new units and maps that are incoming. Read on for his full debriefing, and be sure to report back tomorrow for further details!

Axis & Allies Miniatures: North Africa 1940-1943 – Day 2


Command tanks are another new element introduced in the North Africa 1940-1943 set for Axis and Allies Miniatures.

Two new previews have unveiled the M4 Sherman and PzIV Ausf. H tank commanders, and both units represent a significant increase in cost. A normal M4 only costs 22 points, but the command version soars more than 150 percent, to 33 points. However, it provides two useful abilities, giving a +2 initiative bonus and allowing nearby friendly vehicles to roll one extra attack die.

It has the same defense, speed and attack values as a normal tank, and boosting the anti-personnel firepower to 10/10/8 will make the Sherman a lethal threat for Axis infantry. Its mediocre antitank attacks will also receive a bonus, but a Sherman will still be hard-pressed to defeat a Panther or Tiger.

The PzIV comes in at more than double the cost of a regular tank, at 45 points as opposed to 22. However, it gains a number of powerful skills, including a high initiative bonus (+3) and "Ruthless," which helps adjacent tanks finish off a damaged opponent.

Two other skills will also help the PzIV H survive against infantry attacks. The Shurzen armor skirts will make it more difficult for infantry teams to score hits using close assault tactics. "Overrun" will allow the PzIV to move into the same hex as Allied infantry and disrupt them before they can attack.

However, neither unit is very cost-effective. For only a few more points, the commanders on either side can purchase tanks with better firepower and armor, but in larger games, such as 200 points or above, these new tank commanders could help turn the tide of battle.

In either case, both tanks make a high-value target for roving ground-attack fighters. With a rear armor value of 3, the PzIV H is especially vulnerable.


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  1. I’m glad panzer Ivs are finnaly using their sideskirts.