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Articles by Steven McWilliams

Posted on Mar 23, 2005 in Books and Movies

Where Heroes Trained – Book Review

The editors have performed a great service, not only to the men of the 736th and their families, but also to Americans hungering for tales of the men of the “Greatest Generation”. According to one report, America is losing approximately 1000 World War II veterans every day. For every one of these men who dies without recording his service for posterity, America loses a vital part of its history.

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Posted on Nov 24, 2004 in War College

Deep Battle – The Vision of Marshall Tukhachevskii

‘Deep Battle requires the first echelon – mainly infantry – directly supported by tanks and artillery to contact the enemy frontage, fixing them in place and preventing reaction to the second echelon – mostly tanks – attacking on a narrow frontage, creating a breakthrough.’

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Posted on Nov 4, 2004 in War College

We Support Ourselves

‘Among the comments heard at French military HQ in Hanoi was that Giap ‘was an NCO learning to handle regiments.’ The leadership were contemptuous of NLF/VM mobility and logistics. Giap’s staff officers believe that battle must be joined at Dien Bien Phu, but are uncertain how to provoke the French in an attack.’

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Posted on Oct 27, 2004 in War College

King Leonidas & the Spartans

‘Leonidas, with a force of 7000, most of them helots, defended the pass at Thermopylae, allowing the other troops more time to prepare. Xerxes marched on, arrogantly, not believing so small a force would oppose him. Leonidas knew, though, that the pass was so narrow that Persian numbers would be negated. For two days, Leonidas and the Spartans blocked the pass, inflicting grievous losses on the tributary forces of Xerxes. ‘

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