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Articles by Robert Mackey

Posted on Sep 18, 2013 in Electronic Games

Civil War II – PC Game Preview

A preview of “Civil War II” says AGEOD managed to keep the core parts that made its “American Civil War” so beloved by many gamers and has used lessons learned over the past 8 years to create an even better game with greater depth.

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Posted on Mar 14, 2006 in Electronic Games, Front Page Features

Birth of America – Game Review (PC)

I think I’m a pretty discerning gamer. I started playing computer wargames with the venerable Trek on an old Apple II and can recall the heyday of SSI with their great games of yesteryear. So it is pretty rare when I get excited over a new game; most of them are "been there done that" derivatives of other original games. Birth of America (by a small group of French developers called AGEOD) is one of those truly original games of the past ten years. It manages to hide a very detailed simulation of 18th Century warfare on the American frontier in a pretty package that is easy to learn but very hard to master. Gameplay (60/60): I know. I’m not supposed to give a 60/60 score on gameplay without it being a truly great game. Birth of America (BOA) earns every one of those sixty points. It is in a class by itself — a seemingly simple game that a player can jump into and suddenly discover it is...

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