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Articles by Braden Hall

Posted on Oct 14, 2010 in Books and Movies

The Vikings – Book Review

The Vikings: A History. Ferguson, Robert. Penguin Books. 451 pages, including 38 pages of notes, 12 illustrations, 14 maps. Paperback. $32.95. At first glance, Robert Ferguson’s The Vikings appears to be a novel about Vikings that once raided Europe. In reality, it is systematic study of Scandinavian culture and events during the Viking Age. Although the book is aimed at satisfying the curiosity of the general reader, Ferguson nevertheless supports his claims and deductions with evidence cited from archeological, genetic, linguistic, historical, and literary experts. His work is an in-depth study of the Viking Age in all its grisly, uncertain, and singular details. As Ferguson readily admits, studying and writing about this era is a difficult task. The period as a whole is fraught with many controversies, possibilities, and unknowns. While much of it is shrouded in mystery, he does a fantastic job of parting the fog that often shrouds this time period. Even though there is much confusion and uncertainty regarding many Viking dates, names, and places, he...

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