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Posted on Mar 10, 2008 in Stuff We Like

Armchair Trivia Welcomes You!

Armchair General

We here at Armchair General love trivia.  We love taking trivia tests and we love making them.  Convenient really, since it is something we want to do a lot more in the future.  We invite you to check back each week as we build a new trivia test to challenge the military historians in our audience.  Generally we won’t make them too hard – but then again we might just push your skills to the edge!

Welcome to Armchair Trivia.  Let’s see how much history you know!

–Armchair General Staff

We are interested in reader-submitted trivia as well.  If you can put together 10 questions about your favorite subject we might use yours for our weekly challenge.  Be sure to contact us before submitting anything though, as we want to make sure we don’t have two people working on the same era!  You can also leave comments below if you’d like to request we do trivia on certain topics.