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Posted on Mar 21, 2005 in Armchair Reading

Armchair Radio: Eric Weider on the airwaves

Editorial Staff

Recently, Armchair General publisher Eric Weider was on the Al Rantel radio show (Los Angeles) speaking about the elections in Iraq, Winston Churchill, and Prince Harry’s run-in with the fashion police.  Please feel free to download this program to learn hear what Mr. Weider has to say about these issues. 

Segment 1. Churchill and comparisons to the War on Terror.  Meaning of the elections in Iraq.

Segment 2. Prince Harry and the swastika.  Bush’s policy of liberty for all.

Segment 3. Calls from the audience.  "Peace in our time."  "War is not the answer."  "Too harsh on Prince Harry?"

Segment 4. Birth of a nation – Iraq.  Battle of Wills – Churchill.

Download the radio show (about 30 minutes in length, from the 1/31/05 program).  15mb file.


You can also listen to Eric’s previous visit to the Al Rantel show here (28mb zipped).  This program is about an hour long, and was broadcast in May 2004.

Website of Al Rantel.



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