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Posted on Jan 16, 2014 in Stuff We Like

Armchair General my World of Tanks Episode A

By Brian King

In this new series of videos, we ride along in World of Tanks to get some tips on gameplay and examine some skills that apply to similar games in the genre. This includes simple things like cover vs. concealment, working as a team, and how to have fun even in the agony of defeats. I – “Siberian_HEAT” – will be leading the charge in this new series. Check back weekly for new videos and feel free to comment on the videos or in this post if you want me to cover anything in particular within the game.

Why World of Tanks? Most importantly it is free to play, so anyone can attempt to replicate the skills discussed here. Visit to download the game – but be advised it is a massive download! The second reason is that it is currently my go-to game when I have free time. It is fast paced and you can play a dozen matches in an evening.


In video A I take out a prototype tank called 8.8cm Flak auf Sonderfahrgestell IVc, which I refer to as a “toaster” to save the embarrassment of butchering that German name.

Click my name under the title to find all the videos I’ve made.

Thanks for riding along!

1 Comment

  1. You missed out the important option to fire a few HE shells before or when the enemy in in situ to remove buildings cover and create a killing field.

    Also that firing HE at weaker armoured targets (yes, I know that in real life HE has no effect on even weak FHRHA) to guarantee a first hit kill. I use the trick with 76.2mm Marder.II. and Marder.III. HE on British crusier tanks, all light tanks and enemy TDs, especially toasters.

    Makes the difference between 100% to 0% health in one shot or somebody else claiming the kill.

    HE also always gives a crippling module damage (or 3) and direct hits on gun takes out the gun.

    Selecting the right ammo for the target makes all the difference.