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‘Armchair General’-Inspired Scenarios for the ‘Combat Mission’ Game Series

Armchair General‘s readers have been enjoying the magazine’s interactive section ever since the first issue. Our "You Command" department’s Combat Decision Game (CDG) is an especially popular feature of each issue.

One reader, Ed William, is creating scenarios based on some of our World War II CDG scenarios for use with the PC game series Combat Mission. Click on the links below to access these electronic versions and check back frequently to see if new ones have been posted.

First Patrol
Lead a recon unit of two M8s and two MG-equipped jeeps to probe the area around the village of Orsfeld. Bring back prisoners if possible.

A Ranger Squad Gets a Tall Order
Command an infantry squad supported by a Sherman tank as you advance on a hamlet.

Bocage Busting
Devise a plan of advance to deal with the challenges of the hedgerow terrain and the entrenched enemy.

If you haven’t discovered our Combat Decision Games, click on this link to download pdfs from the CDG Command Center, with scenarios from the time of the Crusades to the present day.