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Posted on Oct 22, 2008 in Stuff We Like

Another Letter from the Iraqi Front

Editorial Staff

We have another letter from our friend serving in Iraq, Russ Vaughn.  As mentioned in an earlier blog post, Russ is back in Iraq for another tour.  I’m providing this as a link to his full article, and I’m including a batch of recent pictures he sent along from his position.


He comments on #4;

This was the sunset we had last night (10-20-08). The Iraqi sunsets are very fleeting. The speed of the earth’s rotation is very evident with the suns rapid decent below the horizon. With the exception of a little croping, this photo is untouched.

And on his photo taken with the open window (#3), he writes;

I know some of you tactically savy smarty pants will say something on this one. The second picture (#2 above) will make it clear why I didnt bother to close the window. Yeah yeah no excuses.


 His full letter, Letters From Iraq 8: Tractors and Laundry.