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Posted on Dec 29, 2007 in Boardgames, Front Page Features

America’s Army Real Heroes Action Figures Review

By Jerry D. Morelock


As kids growing up, many of us whiled away our leisure hours fighting “epic battles” with our legions of “Green Army Men” – those ubiquitous plastic warriors that we bought by the bag-full. But, as they say, “that was then, this is now.” Jazwares, Inc. has recently introduced the first four action figures in an official, U. S. Army-licensed series that goes beyond yesterday’s Green Army Men – way beyond! Replacing the anonymous, mono-colored miniature soldiers is Jazware’s America’s Army Real Heroes, a new line of authentically-uniformed and armed, highly-detailed, 1:6 scale action figures. And there’s a twist – each figure represents (as our sample figures’ packaging notes) “an actual Soldier who has rendered distinguished service in the Global War on Terrorism.” No more nameless Green Army Men, these are real Soldiers – and Real Heroes!


Maj. Jason Amerine action figure. He was awarded the Bronze Star with V. Device.

With an appeal that extends well beyond the “13 & Up” age group listed on the figures’ packaging, the America’s Army Real Heroes action figures program provides all ages a rare inside perspective into the lives of actual Soldiers, allowing the public to learn about a Soldier’s personal character and accomplishments, while giving greater insight into the wide range of individuals who make up the Army’s elite fighting force. Each America’s Army Real Heroes action figure highlights a heroic Soldier who has exhibited courage under fire and who has earned an award for valor in the Global War on Terrorism, such as the Silver Star or Distinguished Service Cross. In that regard, Jazware’s new action figure line seeks to accomplish much the same goal as Armchair General magazine’s regular department, “Uncommon Valor – Real Heroes.” Each ACG issue features real stories of courage and sacrifice by members of the U. S. Armed Forces that the mainstream media typically ignores or considers “not newsworthy.” These are inspiring stories that deserve to be told, and America’s Army Real Heroes action figures accomplish that in an innovative, realistic, “hands on” way. The Soldiers (and the sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen) fighting for freedom around the world deserve much more than merely an anonymous “casualty count” number listing on a news ticker at the bottom of the TV screen. These action figures go a long way toward rectifying that injustice.

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